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An Eheim Canister Filter Is a Good Alternative to Standard Internal Filters

Eheim Canister – A Good Alternative to Standard Internal Files

The most important part of any home aquarium system is the water you put into it. Everything depends on how clean and safe you keep your aquarium water, from the health of your fish to your ability to see them well enough to enjoy them. Many different elements are involved in keeping the water in your aquarium clean, but perhaps the most crucial is having a proper filter installed and functioning properly. If you’re just getting started with your aquarium hobby, or if you want to upgrade your aquarium equipment, you may want to ask your favourite aquarium equipment specialist about an Eheim canister filter to suit your set-up.

To Canister or Not to Canister

A canister filter differs from other types of filters by being a self-contained unit that sits outside the aquarium itself, rather than being directly mounted onto it. Water is drawn out of the aquarium, through the canister’s filtration materials, and then pumped back into the tank, fresh and clean and free from debris and other contaminants. There are several benefits to choosing a canister filter for your aquarium. One of the key benefits is that because the filter is outside the aquarium, you can have a large amount of filtration material working to clean the water in your fish tank without having it take up valuable space inside. This lets you keep your fish’s living space more wide open and as naturally styled as you like. Another bonus to having an external canister filter is that cleaning or replacing the filter material can be done without  splashing and disturbing the water inside the tank. You can also more easily install other specialized aquarium equipment, such as a water heating unit, along the lines where the water is already running. While not necessarily the right choice for everyone, canister filters offer home aquarium enthusiasts an excellent alternative to the more basic, internal aquarium water filtration unit.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Once you’ve decided to go with a canister filtration system for your aquarium, which specific filter you choose will depend on what type of tank you have, and more specifically, what size of tank you have. A filter that is much too small for the tank it’s attached to will not be able to keep up with the job of keeping all the water clean, and will simply not work. A filter that is too big for your particular home aquarium set-up will be a waste of both money and space, since a lot of its capacity will be unnecessary. Matching the right filter to your tank while taking into account things like filtration material choice and proper flow rate is exactly the kind of task an experienced aquarium retailer is trained for.
When it comes time to buy an aquarium water filter, you may want to look at the benefits that an Eheim canister filter offers. Ask a trusted expert for advice, get the right size and power of filter for your set-up, and your finned friends will be enjoying the clean, safe water they deserve.